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Day tours -Small group:

Škrip & Dol


Škrip & Dol

Our trip starts with a short drive to Škrip; the oldest place on the island, about 3000 years old, but also a museum in the open that is not to be missed. Here we will visit some of the most important cultural and historic monuments of the island, the Museum of Island Brač placed in the Radojković Tower and a small, family Museum of Olive Oil, where you will be able to taste the best olive oils and to experience all their charms as well as other products typical for this area: olive pate, salted anchovies, island cheese, dried figs or fig marmalade, wine from small family production, fruit liqueurs and other seasonal products. You will discover all the secrets in making olive oil and the sorts of olives.  

After Škrip, we continue to Dol, a charming and harmonious little village, situated in a valley, 2 km from the sea, showing a true island ambiance. Old stone houses with roofs made of stone slabs, built on rocky hill sides; the local mix of nature and tradition emanating everywhere around. Around Dol there are several little old-Croatian churches, the most interesting one being the St. Peter's church with the oldest bell on the island. The village has been proclaimed an eco-village, and attracts numerous visitors. Besides the already mentioned details, the village also nourishes the traditional recipe of the Hrapoćuša cake, a protected cultural good of Croatia, its ingredients making it the aphrodisiac of Brač. The cake is unique for its unusual and rustic appearance. It is named after the reddish coarse (hrapav: the Croatian for coarse) stone used in Dol in building of dry-stone walls, living and farming houses. A slice of Hrapoćuša and a glass of wine are waiting here for you to call this a day.  

Price per person
390 HRK
Fridays (from Supetar)
3,5 to 4hours
Price includes
guide, transfer, entrance to the Museum of the Brač island, entrance at the Museum of olive oil: aperitif, tasting of olive oil, fig marmalade, postcard as a souvenir, Hrapoćuša cake, glass of wine