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Stone workshop – Extraordinary experience


Stone workshop – extraordinary experience

Have you ever wondered how stone architecture, statues and souvenirs are produced? If you have and you are interested in it, join this workshop that definitely will not disappoint you. Roll your sleeves and let the team made of members of a renowned art family take you through all the charms of stone carving craft and tradition, where in fun and joy you can create your own souvenir! You will learn about the history of stone carving at the island, the stone tradition, the sorts of Brač stone, as well as about the ways of using it. You will get to know all the tools and will be able to show your best with one of the tools in making your own souvenir which you will take home as a memory. So activate your imagination, will and creativity, and become a stone craft master!

Our day of stone will commence by visiting the stone quarry near Donji Humac, where stone is still being collected (harvested, in the local tongue). Having learned the history of stone dressing on Brač, we continue by sightseeing Donji Humac. We shall visit a stone dressing workshop where large stone blocks are processed and also demanding works done, after which we shall visit a gallery of finished stone products, a sculptor's atelier and a little workshop where stone souvenirs and jewellery are being made. And after all this, we shall roll our own sleeves up and get to work!

Price per person
2 people - 750 HRK / 4-8 people - 540 HRK
3-4 hours
2 persons
8 persons
Price includes
guide, transfer, presentation and sightseeing of stone masonry workshop and gallery, working with artists, lessons, materials for workshop, equipment for workshop