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Gourmet tour


Gourmet Tour

In this charming and tasty tour, you will see two little, genuine island's villages presenting three courses of your meal. We will start in Škrip, the island's oldest settlement, with its history and culture indeed returning us to the past.

After a nice walk through Škrip, visiting Roman sarcophagi, mausoleum, antique little churches and various fortifications, in an easy walk through a delightful scenery, we will arrive to the museum of olive oil, where you will hear everything about olive oil production. Here you will also be served your first course. You'll taste the island's superior delicacies such as the olive oil, green and black olive pâté, salted anchovies, capers, sheep cheese, fig marmalade, home made wine and various seasonal products. After this we  continue to our second station, Donji Humac.

This little village, situated on the southern side of a hill in the very middle of the island, has been creating the stone dressing story for centuries now, a skill started in order to protect the village against the pirates in the past. Donji Humac is surrounded with several stone quarries, where stone is being picked and sold to the island's small family stone-dressing workshops, to be treated there for various purposes. We shall further visit the gallery and the stone carving  workshop of the renowned artists family of Jakšić, where you will learn all the curiosities of the famous stone of Brač.

While doing this, the time will come to make your stomach happy once again, wherefore we shall take you to your second course - the best lamb meat of Brač. Our traditional meals are waiting to please you. Here you will be served with lamb liver pâté, lamb on the spit with home grown potatoes roasted under charcoals, and season salads. For the end you will try local Island dessert. Surprise!

Price per person
720 HRK
Tuesdays (from Supetar)
5 hours
Price includes
guide, transfer, sightseeing two small island villages, three-course meal: the first course in Škrip: olive oil, pate of green and black olives, salted anchovies, capers, island cheese, fig marmalade, wine from domestic production, second course in the Donji Humac: lamb liver, grilled lamb or lamb on a spit with baked potatoes and seasonal salad, the third course: secret dessert