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Hrapoćuša cake

This distinctive cake hrapoćuša is unique by its unusual and rustic appearance. It is named after the rough, reddish stone of the same name (hrapav is the Croatian for rough), used in Dolac for building dry-stone walls, residential and other houses. The recipe has been passed from one generation to the others, each cook to have added a part of herself into the cake. For its unique characteristics, it has been protected as an item of the Croatia's cultural heritage, and for its ingredients, it makes a tasty aphrodisiac of Brač. Each year, in summer months, organised is the Night of Hrapaćuša, where you have the opportunity to try this indigenous cake.

Ingredients for 12 servings:

12 yolks
4 egg whites
12 spoons of sugar
4 cups of warm water
12 spoons of flour
some rum
vanilla to your liking
some grated lemon rind

1/2 kg of sugar
3/4 kg of nut halves
8 egg whites

Mix together 12 yolks, 4 egg whites and 12 spoons of sugar. Add four spoons of warm water, twelve spoons of flour, rum, vanilla and lemon rind. Bake the dough in a cake pan, at 180°C over a period of time that you find to be the best.

In water bath (bain-marie) cook 1/2 kg of sugar, a bit under 3/4 kg of nut halves and 8 whisked egg whites. When yellowed, carefully pour the cream onto the previously prepared and cooled cake and cover it with the cream , both the top and the sides. Put everything together into the oven once again, just to dry.

Bon appetite!

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