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Charming donkey (in Dalmatian speech tovar)

Donkey, a charming, long-eared, and stubborn domestic animal, played a most important role in the man's living on Brač, kept by numerous households. Donkey origins from dry areas, its hooves are adapted to rocky and dry surfaces, ideal for the conditions prevailing on this island. In the past this was the only working animal on Brač, mostly used to carry water and heavy things, to have become the symbol of endurance and perseverance. Besides being a man's faithful and hard-working friend, since ancient times have been known medicinal properties of its milk. Donkey milk helps with allergies, respiratory problems, it is rich in vitamins and improves immunity. In the 5th century BC, Hypocrite introduced donkey milk in treating numerous diseases. Donkey milk was also used by Roman women, who believed it was beneficial in making their skin particularly fine.

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