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Brač island on Bizarre Foods

This summer, great Andrew Zimmern, visited Brač island with his interesting TV show "Bizarre Foods". This show is focused on local cuisine around the world which can be also described like bizarre or exotic food. He is definitely very passionate in his job, and you will see that in this episode which presents two traditional meals from Brač island. Brač island is well known for very good lamb and specialty "vitalac" made from insides of baby lamb. You should try it when you travel around Brac island, it's delicious. The other specialty is roasted dormouse, and small village of Dol is famous for this dish. Yes, you heard it very well, it's a sort of mouse :)


Take a look on this episode and you will definitely want to visit Brač island also known for famous white stone, beautiful beaches, cultural sites and untouched nature.

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